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A Curriculum That Prepares Children For Life Long Learning 



Giggle and Grow uses a curriculum that emphasizes the whole child. We believe that each child develops best when supported by a program that is process focused, in other words, it is not the “project” that is produced, but rather the “process” of how the child gets there. Our “hands-on” learning approach allows children to construct their own knowledge on an individual basis and incorporate play while using their imagination. Our certified teachers provide quality experiences that guide children's learning in a nurturing environment. A typical day may include  the following learing centers: art, music, science, math, circle time, cooking, story time, outdoor/gross motor play, small group or one-on-one interaction and snack.


Listed are the Core Curriculum Areas for all Groups: Each class is specifically designed with educational materials appropriate for the age of the children in the group.



Math and Manipulatives

Communication/Literacy/Language Development

Sensory, Science and Technology

Art, Music, Dramatic Play

Health, Motor Development

Social and Environmental Studies

Emotional/Social Development