Lecia Lynn G. -July 2012

Hi All! If you are on this site you are seeking to find a quality preschool for your child. My name is Lecia Grandstaff and I also serve as a Director of a preschool in another area and couldn't be more thrilled for the families in the Wayne area to have this new preschool open! I know Barbara Michelson both personally and professionally and give the highest recommendation to "Giggle and Grow Preschool and Early Learning Center"---Barbara is both the Owner and Director! She is always professional but also brings a warmth and caring attitude to the children, parents and staff. She is trustworthy to bring a quality education to prepare your children to enter into their formal education. Barbara has dedicated her life to serving in the field of Early Childhood Education and has a true love for children and a compassion heart invested to serve in the Wayne Community! COME VISIT and RECOMMEND a FRIEND!!!



Jason D. -July 2012


In all honesty I have not seen Izzy respond in such a positive manner to any of the other 5 day care centers we visited prior. She seemed genuinely happy and engaged in the environment which is of utmost importance to me as a father and as a clinician. I feel that the atmosphere of Giggle and Grow is fostered by the positive attitude of both you and the members of your staff and it was such a pleasant experience walking into a room and being greeted with smiles and sincere enthusiasm. We would be more than happy to attend the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in September; it would be an honor!




With Izzy as our only child and me as a therapist, I cannot express to you how wonderful Giggle and Grow is. Daycares in our area are numerous and yet over the course of nearly a year of visiting other sites none of them left us feeling 100% certain that the center would be suitable for Izzy and that as new parents our questions and concerns would be met with open ears and willingness. Our first visit to your center was a welcomed change to our endless search.

After leaving Izzy in the care of you and Ms. Christine, Anna and I of course left feeling conflicted as expected on the first day of daycare and the single most prominent thought on our minds was one of confidence in the shared capabilities of you and your staff; a feeling that truly allowed us to know that our daughter was in capable, loving hands. You truly have created a comforting, safe, stimulating and nurturing environment. As a parent I have no doubts that Anna and I have made an excellent decision in sending Izzy to Giggle and Grow. As a therapist with pediatric and early development experience I can honestly say that there is no other daycare center in the area that I consider as reliable, caring or professional.

The pictures today as well as the report provided truly have completely solidified what we already knew - that we have made a wonderful decision in choosing a daycare for our daughter!

Your efforts, hard work and sincere desire to create a wonderful atmosphere for children show in the welcoming smile we received today on Izzy's first day.

Anna and I look forward to our continued relationship with all the welcoming staff at Giggle and Grow!

Thank you again!

Hi Barbara-

It is my pleasure to recommend your school to others.  I've actually told quite a few
parents about your school and programs already. 
It's very impressive how Ms. Karen's class has grown from 2 to 5 to
almost 10 in just a matter of weeks. I am very pleased with the program and the
things that my trio are doing, learning, and coming home with from class- so
Thank YOU! Here's a little something to make you smile...out of the mouths of
babes, as they say...Almost every day, Max will ask if we have enrichment, but
he doesn't always say "enrichment". One day he said, "Mommy, do
we have "laugh" tomorrow?" And I asked, "Laugh"? ...he
meant "Giggle" which I caught on to rather quickly, but I thought it
was just adorable and worth sharing. :) Carter and Jack are having a wonderful
time, as well, and I'm looking forward to seeing them continue to learn and
grow while in your care. Thank you again (x's 3 !!!)

Take Care

Jody :



Dear Barbara,


I want to say how happy my husband and I are with you, your staff and Giggle and Grow! I am sure you are aware how nervous I was for Michael to start this phase of his life. Until he started Giggle and Grow he had been with his grandfather from about 6 months old while I worked. This seemed very safe for me and I was very nervous about making a new transition for Michael.

I have to say that I could not be happier! The way I see Michael come home and be so happy and ask me almost every day if he can go to school and see his friends and Miss Barbara and Miss Cindy and Miss Christine and Miss Juliette, it just melts my heart! He is already learning so much and we have seen such a progression even though he's been sick a few times and has missed some school.

You have a wonderful program and we look forward to having Michael continue until he goes on to his kindergarten schooling!

Thanks again for everything. If there is anything that Michael and I can do to help with the class we would be more than happy to do so! Please just let us know! Please give our best to the staff as we don't always see them and would like them to know that they truly are helping Michael and giving him an experience that he enjoys and looks forward to!

Have a great day.

Thanks again.

Dawn Colli 6/2014


I just want to say thank you again to you and Luke's teachers for such an amazing job in putting the graduation together. It was so well thought out and heartfelt that Michael and I will fondly remember back on in the years to come.
Luke has enjoyed his time so much at giggle and grow and I know he is best prepared for kindergarten based on the foundation that your school has provided him for the past 3 years. He has made such wonderful friends and has had such great memories that he can carry with him. I look forward to having Matthew attend giggle and grow in the future as I know the success that Luke has had based on the compassion, hard work and sincerity of everyone that has been involved in his education for the past 3 years. 
Again thank you so much for such a great culmination of his experience and he looks forward to finishing the last couple of weeks with his friends at Goggle and Grow.
Many Thanks,

Nicole 6/2015





Like many parents, when the time came for preschool I was full of questions. Would my son like school? Was he ready? Would he cry? Would I cry? As the mom of a child with food allergies, I had another question. I had a bigger concern. Would he be safe? With the staff of Giggle and Grow, he is safe.

Barbara and her staff accommodate my son’s food allergies without raising any attention to them. My son is not labeled or treated differently. They are creative and resourceful if activities call for food. My son is not left out.

The staff at Giggle and Grow is trained to recognize the signs of an allergic reaction and know what to do should any child have an allergic reaction. Trust me. I’ve quizzed them enough about it to know they know!

My son loves school. He’s not only learning, he’s having a blast while learning. He loves art time and being with his classmates. I’m so thankful for Giggle and Grow for giving him this great opportunity.

And for the record, yes, I cried the first day!

Dawn Lansing



Dear Barbara,


Thank you so much for an amazing evening! You really do go above and beyond!! 


I can't begin to describe how thankful I am that we chose Giggle & Grow, 2 years ago, when we moved from this small country across the ocean to the United States of America. Little did we know when we first came here but from the very first minute you gave us the sense of community that we were looking for. While missing our own family most of the time, we feel like we are a part of the Giggle & Grow family. I admire you for the way you treat every child as an individual. You have established an environment in which every child can grow, learn and flourish on his or her own pace. And you manage to do all this in open communication with the parents and caretakers. I have the greatest amount of respect for the way you respond to suggestions and worries. You always come up with a solution that works both ways. Thank you for that.


Last night was incredibly special to us. There was a time when we could only dream of this day to come. I will never forget the look on Féline's face. She enjoyed every minute of it.


-Saskia 6/15



 I have to tell you, Anthea has had such an amazing first school experience, thanks to you and your wonderful staff!! Andrew and I are extremely happy with our choice to send her to giggle and grow. I'm sure next year will be even better!! 


Thank you for everything!

Alexandria Ceci 6/15



Good afternoon Barbara. Thank you for meeting with me. It was truly a pleasure and a relief to speak with someone who is as well versed in handling children with special needs. Believe when I say, it is a comfort for a parent to know the child’s needs are understood. In any event, I did meet with the CST team today and we agreed to attempt a change in his program. Accordingly, as of now, I do not need to enroll him in a morning program. But thank you for your time. I will keep you in mind should John’s needs change and will certainly recommend you to any parent seeking my opinion on an excellent pre-k program.


Once again, thank you.


Maria Fiorello 1/15


  I wanted to give a sincere thanks and appreciation to you and your staff. What you all have done for our son over the past 3 years has been nothing short of amazing. Luke has grown academically and I see much progress thanks to your hard work and dedication. Sincere thanks to Miss Christine for being his rock in the beginning when he was a tiny tiny little boy :)  I was so impressed with the activities last night and it was for sure an emotional night for myself. Outstanding, class act you all have provided with the educational experience to our son.

   I also want to thank you for always working with Nicole and I. Whether it be payments, keeping Luke extra time, or sending him in on different days to accommodate my parent schedule with him, it was never an issue for you. I am proud to say our son went to Giggle and Grow. You all should be commended. Thank you!!! Mike 6/15